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Full motion simulator

Full motion simulator

One of the members of the AmHuncham, Simulator Technic Ltd offers a Full motion simulator.

Full motion simulator

The history of Simulator Technic Ltd:

– Founded 20th January 2020

– Number of joint-owners: 4

– Number of employees: 7 (3 senior technical professionals with over 10 years of experience)

– We have an office, vehicles, and a workshop equipped for design, prototyping, and production


The aim of Simulator Technic Ltd is to establish official cooperation with a distributor and/or investor in the USA- Establish a company in the USA

Our achievements:

– Successfully developed 5 different product-families

– Our products are used in Hungary in education and in the entertainment industry



– We cover both the hardware and software development lifecycles

– Enhanced virtual reality experience with motion simulators

– Vehicle simulators, reduced gravity simulators

– Virtual combined with augmented musical instrument simulator-system with control applications (multiuser and remote options)

– Development and production made to order


Target market:

– The entertainment industry, education, domestic use on a global level, both B2B and B2C

Full motion simulator

Full motion simulator

New solutions on the global market as

– Small size kit

– Simple assembly

– Highly configurable, customizable

– Dynamic realistic motion

– Excellent value for money ratio

– Custom-developed FFB (Force Feedback) Mixed Controller

– PC, PlayStation, Xbox compatibility

– For both industrial and domestic use



– Design optimized for manufacturability

90% market readiness



Full motion simulator

The high configurability and the easy (Lego-like) assembly, resulted by the smart design solutions and accompanied by the good price

ensure a wide range of potential users, without compromising the quality.

Self-developed controllers and add-ons:

TV, monitor holder stand, parking brake, shifter, buttonbox


Web: https://rendezveny.simulatortechnic.hu/cybeseat-new/

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