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Call: apply for AmHunCham Board and Council membership!

Call: apply for AmHunCham Board and Council membership!

The time has come to elect a new Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and council of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. We ask our members to respond by 03.31.2022 with their suggestions and statements whether they would be a member of the Board, Executive Committee, Council, and what duties they would like to perform.

2022 marks two years since the current Directors assumed their leadership responsibilities, and, according to our Bylaws, there should be a system to renew the mandates of board and Executive Committee members, and we have to elect a new Board, Executive Committee, and Council.

That is why we are waiting for your feedback from all members of the AmHunCham about who and what tasks they would undertake, and who the membership would like to nominate to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and the Council. Based on this, the new Board and Council would be elected.

To help you make the statements, you can see below what tasks and expectations can be required from the members of the Board, Executive Committee, and Council.

The leaders are working on the following rules according to the Bylaw:

“The officers shall be President, Vice-President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, and such other Officers and assistant Officers as may be determined by the Board. The same person, except the offices of President and Secretary, may hold any two or more offices. The President, Vice-President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer will be on the Board of Directors.”

The Executive Committee is consisting of all Members of the Board and the Officers of the Chamber (Acting leaders: Head of the Budapest Center, Head of the Education, Head of the Chapters, International Director)

The Council is consisting of all Board and Executive Committee members, Officers, Ex-officio Members, advisors of the Corporation.

The Secretariat assists and supports the work of the Board, the Executive Committee, and the Council of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.

The members of the Secretariat: Deputy Secretary, Minutes Manager, Member Registry, Community Manager, Communications Secretary (social media), the CFO, and the financial executive (payment management). Members of the secretariat do not pay membership fees and perform their work pro bono.

The Board, Executive Committee, and Council members are elected by the general meeting.

Duty of the Board of Directors

Participation in the management of the AmHunCham, including:
Making decisions (e.g.: defining the organizational and operational rules, control of the operation of the organization, the decision on the submitted concepts e.g. strategic plan.) The Board of Directors is responsible for any decision regarding the operation of the organization.
Preparing a proposal for the report of the entity and submitting it to the General Assembly
Participation in the preparation of the formulation of global statements. For example, drafting official announcements
Participation in the operation of the AmHunCham
Participation in different events, (as much as possible)
Active participation in the organization of Education (webinars – at least twice a year – organizing tasks, lecturer, etc.)

Other rules (included by the Bylaw):

The Executive Officers/Directors will be elected for a two-year term
No compensation shall be paid to any Officer/Directors of the board for their services as Officers/Directors; provided, however, Officers/Directors may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as Officers/Directors.
According to the bylaw regulations, there is no need to elect Ex-officio and/or Honorary Members, but the General Assembly also has the option to elect such.

Please answer the following email: info@amhuncham.org




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