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AntiBacVirMy leaded team, AntiBacVir had a research and development. Our result is based on the interaction of the active ingredients of seven different natural ingredients known and used for hundreds of years.

Our products, the AntiBAcVir inhibits the spread of viruses by preventing virions from attaching to the host cell membrane thus preventing the formation of viruses, but also breaks down the virion-host cell link in already produced viruses, preventing their replication too, starting in the digestive system and circulatory system.

Alleviates the symptoms and complications of viral infections.

Product tested and approved by the international WESSLING laboratory.

We are looking for a partner to complete the product development tasks, to launch and market the products.”


Dr. Antal Miklós Varhalmi  team leader, owner of the invention, and applicant for the patent, and owner of the manufacturer company


SUMMARY of the effects, benefits, and efficacy of the PRODUCT

depending on individual health conditions and individual sensitivities,[1]

(Extract from the English language product description for the US market[2])

  1. It is based AntiBacViron the synergy (interaction) of the active ingredients of seven different natural ingredients known and used for thousands and hundreds of years, supported by about 100 international scientific research and articles, supplemented by about 25 years of experience, especially in the last 10 years.
  2. 30 capsules in a pack (daily dosing recommendation during main meals): in initial infectious and more severe conditions: 3-4×1 capsules/day * 1-2 capsules/day as a precaution. Those who cannot eat for any reason should not use it because it is not recommended on an empty stomach, although it can be tried with the risk of diarrhea and nausea.
  3. Antitumor or prophylactic effect for certain tumors.
  4. Antiviral and anti-infective for lipid-coated macro viruses: influenza, corona, hepatitis, herpes / Epstein-Barr, HIV, EBOLA, etc.
  5. Inhibits the spread of viruses by preventing virions from attaching to the host cell membrane thus preventing the formation of viruses, but also breaks down the virion-host cell link in already produced viruses, preventing their replication too, starting in the digestive system and circulatory system
  6. Alleviates the symptoms and complications of viral infections.
  7. Antibacterial and prophylactic effect for lipid-coated macrobacteria: Gram-negative bacteria, endotoxins, Klepsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeroginosa etc.
  8. Antifungal effect (Candida, etc.).
  9. Anti-psoriasis effect.
  10. It strengthens and normalizes the body’s natural and acquired immunity and defence.
  11. Alleviates/eliminates and counteracts the disorders of the enterohepatic cycle (bile circulation) and the resulting diseases and health issues.
  12. Alleviates/eliminates bile deficiency and bile loss, which are considered to be “public diseases” affecting at least 25% of the population and the closely related and consequent immunodeficiency together with the resulting diverse diseases. As a result, it solves massively significant health problems that seriously impact private life/the quality of life, and the ability to work!
  13. It does not replace vaccines, only complements them, in the initial stages of viral/bacterial infections, with natural ingredients and synergies of the active ingredients, freely, affordably, and easily available (approx. 30 EURO).
  14. It relieves or eliminates digestive problems (fat digestion support): bloating, constipation/diarrhoea, aches under the right rib arch, pain, stinging sensation around the shoulder blade, the stool of lighter color etc.
  15. Alleviation and elimination of digestive and biliary problems caused by cholecystectomy, gallstones, broken bile duct etc.
  16. Dissolution of cholesterol gallstones smaller than approx. 15 mm.
  17. It reduces increased susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections.
  18. It provides adequate activation of pancreatic lipase enzymes through the intake of bile acid, which is necessary for fat digestion.
  19. The lack of proper neutralization of lipopolysaccharides (endotoxins = internal toxins) produced from the dead cell walls of Gram-negative bacteria in the intestine, which may cause:
    • Improperly neutralized endotoxins trigger unpredictable inflammations through cytokines in any of the organs, which can also cause diseases and malignancies while obscuring their true cause.
    • Endotoxemia, cytokine storm and shock, which may lead to death in severe cases.
  20. It restores and fully involves the enterohepatic cycle, as a key physiological process, in the body’s natural and acquired defense and thus naturally makes the body more resistant to viral and bacterial infections.
  21. Prevents and inhibits bacterial super infection of viral infections due to its antibacterial quality.
  22. It is an effective solution against most nosocomial infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria, such as endotoxemia, sepsis and shock, especially against Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeroginosa.
  23. Recommended for bacterial, fungal and viral infections, but also for all other affected areas:
    • A versatile immune system booster and a powerful antioxidant
    • High fever (above 38) relief in 2-3 days.
    • Reduction of headache.
    • Decrease of diarrhoea and digestive problems
    • Muscle and limb pain relief.
    • Reduction of chills.
    • Reduction of depression, lethargy, and fatigue.
    • Prevention and shutdown of cytokine storm.
    • Immunostimulation by multiple components.
    • Antioxidant effect by multiple components.
    • Anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Prevention of circulatory system disorders, prevention, and alleviation of heart problems (myocardial infarction).
    • Prevention and alleviation of the nervous system and brain problems (stroke).
    • Relief of upper respiratory problems: coughing, sneezing, runny or blocked nose.
    • Elimination of breathing difficulty, earache but has no direct effect on severe pneumonia only indirectly through immune-boosting, cytokine storm suppression and the reduction of the chance of blood clot formation, etc.
    • Prevention of blood clot formation (thrombosis, embolism), disseminated cardiovascular coagulation.
    • the chances of reducing multiple organ inflammation over a given age [3],[4]
    • The return of smell and taste usually takes several weeks.
    • Prevention of post-covid syndrome.
    • In viral diseases, AntiBacVir also needs to be supported with normal / traditional medications, depending on the symptoms, for a few days (5-7-10 days, as needed), daily: vitamin complexes; selenium and zinc; 10,000-20,000 IU units of vitamin D and 5-10 grams of vitamin C; Above 38 degrees, antipyretics and 3×1 NOSPA FORTE (80 mg) daily, bile duct sphincter opening (seizures of the sphincter of Oddi due to stress and other causes) blocking the bile duct towards the horseshoe gut resulting in the entrapment of bile in the gallbladder leading to gallbladder polyp/gallbladder sludge/gallstone formation, the thickening of the canal between the liver and the gallbladder and, in poor severe cases, damage to the hepatic portal itself); cough suppression; headache relief; constipation- diarrhoea relief, but in case of diarrhoea soft-hairy rockrose leaf tea or capsules containing tannic acid are also recommended; overnight MELATONIN-10 mg; herbal teas; carbohydrate-free diet; smaller but varied foods (proteins: eggs + meat + dairy products, vegetable proteins + vegetables), etc.
  24. It can be used prophylactically, 1-2 capsules daily during periods of infection.
  25. Due to its natural components and mechanism of action, no resistance is expected to develop during the use of AntiBac (Vir), as with antibiotics or other antiviral agents leading to the evolution of multidrug-resistant pathogens.
  26. AntiBacVirAntibac (Vir) does not yet have any known and identifiable adverse side effects when used according to the product information leaflet. Though such side effects cannot entirely be ruled out, of course, as in principle and rarely there may be health conditions or individual sensitivities when the product cannot be used due to its ingredients, but this is perceptible and can therefore be stopped in time. Making this decision is a medical task! As recommended in the product information leaflet and on the box, consult a specialist! Note: There has been no feedback on adverse side effects during the approximately 10 years of marketing of the product’s predecessor, but less than 10% of users stopped, typically because they were not satisfied with the effects or did not have the patience to wait for them to develop this or other unexpected/tolerable effects (eg possible intolerance to certain ingredients). Most of the preparations do not affect everyone equally!
  27. Product tested and approved by the international WESSLING laboratory in the following aspects: microbiology, contaminants, toxic substances, heavy metals, allergy: lactose, gluten, casein-free.
  28. If using AntiBac(Vir) does not result in ANY relief / positive change within 3-5-7 days, other medical/professional support should be sought.
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[2] PROFESSIONAL LITERATURE: https://antibacvir.hu/en/professional-literature/professional-literature-review/
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