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Simulator Technic Ltd. offers: Handpan with iOS / Adroid / Windows / VR / AR support, external controller


Simulator Technic Ltd’s aim is to establish official cooperation with a distributor and/or investor in the USA. Simulator Technic Ltd would like to establish a company in the USA.

Simulator Technic Ltd. Company history:

– Founded 20th January 2020

– Number of joint-owners: 4

– Number of employees: 7 (3 senior technical professionals with over 10 years of experience)

– We have an office, vehicles, and a workshop equipped for design, prototyping, and production


Our achievements:

– Successfully developed 5 different product-families

– Our products are used in Hungary in education and in the entertainment industry



– We cover both the hardware and software development lifecycles

– Enhanced virtual reality experience with motion simulators

– Vehicle simulators, reduced gravity simulators

– Virtual combined with augmented musical instrument simulator-system with control applications (multiuser and remote options)

– Development and production made to order


Target market: The entertainment industry, education, domestic use on global level, both B2B and B2C


Handpan with iOS / Adroid / Windows / VR / AR support, external controller

This new instrument idea was inspired by hangdrums which is gaining worldwide popularity. Our design can be played as a virtual hangdrum, or with a real physical hangdrum placed into a virtual space: The physical, the auditory and the visual elements are wildly and sensitively customizable.

Features of the VR application:

  • Hand-motion scanner (no need to hold controllers)
  • Nine beat-sensitive sounds (studio-recorded with original handpans)
  • Six beat-strength levels based on hit strength
  • Multiplayer options to enable group / band usage
  • Eight magical interactive backgrround-scenes, e.g. forest, alien worlds, sacred places, etc.
  • Interactive visual and audio effects, distance and position sensing in these VR worlds
  • Seven types of VR effects configurable on the control panel
  • Embedded youtube in the application to enable usage in tutorials, or for your own favourite videos
  • VR compatibility (Meta) Oculus Quest 2

Physical hardware features:

  • The physical hardware is an ergonomic, simply manufacturable, small controller, which is a copy of the VR instrument. This controller’s coming versionn will be usable for other drum-like instruments
  • Beyond VR application the instrument is compatible with other devices and platforms, like Android, iOS, or Windows tablets and smartphones.
  • The built-in gyroscope and accelerometer enables the physical hardware to behave accurately synchronized with the VR instrument.

If you are interested, please email info@amhuncham.org, and we will contact those interested.

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