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Proworx Digital – Born to be efficient

Proworx Digital – Born to be efficient

Provorx offer: Ready-made and licensable Marketing application toolkit Software customization, set-up and implementation Outsource platform hosting, IT support& marketing Customer service.

We are a performance marketing specialist focusing on sales support marketing  automation and business boost 

We promise to make your advertising spending count 

We offer Ready-made and licensable Marketing application toolkit 

Software customization, set-up, and  implementation Outsource platform hosting, IT support & marketing Customer service 

Proworx Ecosystem 

The new era needs new marketing  automation, sales support weapons &  tactics 

Proworx is not providing products but  a full eco-system of marketing  efficiency 

All our solutions are 

Measurable: all major sector KPI can be incorporated to meet ROI criteria Scalable: due to cloud-based architecture, all platform can follow your daily business needs Sustainable: the fee structure is reflecting platform performance & customer savings 

Product scope 

Starpage tm 

The platform is ideal for multinational corporations managing different brand groups regionally/internationally. Based on a user-friendly page manager wizard, the non-initiated office users can create, manage and publish complex marketing microsite in 4 different subcategories:  

Promo, Quiz, Survey, Image 

Starpage has also special backend settings, the multilanguage interface for cross-border campaign management, separated clearance level (superuser, editor, admin); profile management & system settings, backup server for 24/7 BCP; 30 days data restore 

Shoprime tm 

Shoprime can do the POS marketing surface bookings for your key partners and follow up the project management of your entire retail network 

Based on the automated booking and customized pricing model, Shoprime is the ultimate sales machine of the retail POS surfaces. The POS marketing items can be grouped by size category, location and booked weekly, monthly or quarterly 

The platform is managing electronic and printed POS materials both on booking and uploading side. In case of digital materials the media upload is directly linked to the screen management system 

The systematically changing campaign-based POS marketing items will attract Consumer’s attention and upgrade the shopping experience increasing your revenue 

Quarterback tm 

Quarterback is a full-scale digital campaign management wizard helping Client (sales, marketing & PR dept.) and outsourced marketing agencies 

The system automatically produces brand-book-conform, personalized marketing messages using predefined creative templates, programs the send-outs (including e-dm send out using third-party mail engine such as MailChimp) and generates report & notification about the campaign


Contact info 



Domonkos PICHOVSZKY, CEO 20+year experience in sales support marketing 

domonkos.pichovszky@proworx.hu  +36 30 436 26 40 

Szabolcs TIMKU, COO 

15+year experience in B2B sales szabolcs.timku@proworx.hu 

+36 20 914 56 20 


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