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VI. Friends of Hungary Conference

VI. Friends of Hungary Conference

It’s not enough to be talented, you also have to be Hungarian – said President János Áder, using the world-famous photographer Robert Capa’s phrase, in welcoming the Community of the Friends of Hungary Foundation; the thought behind this, the active patriotism, was felt by more than two-hundred families who had returned home for the conference. Members later listened to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech on the aims of the government while E. Sylvester Vizi emphasized: it’s important to create a legitimate image about Hungary and its successes worldwide.

The VI. Friends of Hungary Conference started off with visiting embassies. Embassies hosted members living in the United States, Great Britain, Austria and Germany. The American ambassador, David B. Cornstein, spoke of his nomination and how he got to Hungary, the upcoming Trump-Orbán meeting (that he played a key role in arranging), and about the case of CEU.

The British ambassador, Iain Lindsay, with outstanding Hungarian, spoke mainly about Brexit, but he also mentioned increasing British investments, British concerns about growing Russian influence, and (as a spontaneous part of the program) members were able to meet the ambassador’s Hungarian-adopted mongrel, Juno, as she suddenly and randomly appeared in the hall.

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Source: Hungary Today 2019.05.06.



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