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AmHunCham and BKIK signed a cooperation agreement


In the year 2022, the bilateral international cooperation partnership of the Hungarian American Chamber of Commerce has been further expanded. Through the international agreement, members of both chambers will benefit from mutual business, partnership and personal long-term relationships.

The Hungarian American Chamber of Commerce and the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The signing ceremony in Budapest was personally attended by Elek Nagy, President of the BKIK, and Dr. Martin Zsarnóczky, President of AmHunCham. Both experts unanimously stressed the need for and importance of a reliable partnership and a US-Hungarian relationship based on bilateral relations.

In addition to mutual economic interests, the meeting also touched on historical parallels, referring to the more than one and a half century of BKIK’s history and the founding of the first Hungarian American Chamber in New York in 1909.

Cooperation has already begun in principle through the jointly hosted Hungarian American Business Forum in October, and the first semi-annual work plan for 2023 was announced at the event.

In line with the intensive programme schedule, several high-level events will be held in February, April, May and June in cooperation with BKIK. These events will remain free of charge.

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