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The Future of the EU

The Future of the EU

One of the most important partners of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) at New Jersey City University (NJCU) has a program: Connecting Bridges and Borders. The IDR presented a new podcast: “The Future of the EU: A Discussion with Prof. David Weiss and Doctoral Candidate Laura Skillen”

The Future of the EU

Dr. Weiss’s conversation partner is Laura Skillen, a doctoral candidate of the University of Kent and Executive Director of International Mediation Institute (IMI). Laura, originally from Tasmania, Australia, is currently living in Brussels, Belgium and is wrapping up her PhD research on Political Blame.

In the episode of this podcast, Dr. Weiss and Laura Skillen discuss how the EU will overcome its own polarization while also dabbling into comparisons to current US politics.

Click on the image to watch the podcast:


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