Home Business News New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Study Tour organized by the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce

New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Study Tour organized by the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce

New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Study Tour organized by the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce

In 2023, Select USA Summit Spin-off Study Tour program will be held for the first time, a remarkable event that creates a long-time tradition. Within the framework of a few-day Study Tour program put together by the New York-based American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, those Hungarian businessmen who are visiting Washington D.C. between May 1-4 can get to know first-hand the entrepreneurial environment of Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York in the days following the Summit.

The AmHunCham Study Tour program that follows the Select USA Summit event and builds on it is unique in its base idea, as several spin-off events are held in the United States of America, but at the same time, this type of customized program for Hungarian entrepreneurs has never been held before. The American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce is proud of the proactive role it plays first and for the promotion of bilateral American-Hungarian business relations.

The Study Tour program, which will be held between May 4-8 2023, consists of several program parts. On May 4, participants can learn about the activities of several Philadelphia innovation centres and the operation of local business development incubators. On May 5, business opportunities in the states of New Jersey and New York, useful guides on starting a business, and soft landing services provided by the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce will be available at various locations. The participation fee for the self-funded Study Tour is USD 1,490 per person, which includes all accommodation and transportation costs.

During the first wonderful weekend of May, participants on the Study Tour have the opportunity to participate in several independent optional programs. The purpose of the optional program is for the participants to experience first-hand the multicultural entrepreneurial environment and the opportunities offered by the urban metropolis of New York City as a quality pastime.

On Monday, May 8, the Hungarian Consulate General in New York will provide a venue for the public assembly of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, after which the attendees will have the opportunity to meet both the Consul General and the Foreign Trade Attachés in person as part of a B2B event. At the end of the Study Tour event, a media workshop will be held, in which participants can document their preliminary expectations regarding the one-week Select USA Summit and the Study Tour, their desired business ideas and their visions for future business success. The workshop will be stored as a kind of media time capsule, and after a few business years, it will surely become a useful, so-called „time-proofed” document for the participants.

Dr Zsarnóczky Martin, the president of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, shared about the organization that the chamber is going through a very busy period in terms of promoting bilateral business relations. The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Trade Department of the American Embassy have proven to be excellent cooperating partners in the past period. In October of last year, and in February of this year, very popular and sold-out events took place in Budapest, which were followed by an extremely positive response to AmHunCham’s activities among domestic entrepreneurs. In April, a delegation of businessmen from the state of New Jersey will arrive to examine several investment opportunities in Hungary. That is why he encourages the mutual growth opportunities of domestic businesses in the American market, since joining the world’s largest economy, due to today’s unpredictable external circumstances, is almost equivalent to a lottery jackpot.

More information can be found in the downloadable document. The American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce welcomes all interested parties!

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