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US-Hungarian trade relations continue to growing: CIANJ delegation visited Hungary


At the invitation of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in New York (AmHunCham), The Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ) visited Hungary.The delegates were represented by Anthony Russo, President of CIANJ, and Dr. Martin Zsarnóczky, President of AmHunCham, and Tamás Barát, Honorary President of AmHunCham.

The four-day joint event organised by AmHunCham, which is basically a study tour, offered a very varied and special programme of activities for the chamber representatives. The AmHunCham excellently organised the activities for each day, and as part of the first day’s sightseeing tour of Budapest, the delegation worshipped Holocaust memorials on April Holocaust Remembrance Day in Hungary.

The sightseeing tour tried to show the American delegation almost all the main, pedestrianised points of Budapest’s city centre. The event ended with a great boat trip.

The following day, the event was followed by a visit to Debrecen, where the CIANJ representatives were introduced to domestic investment opportunities, especially in Debrecen, in a series of comprehensive and detailed presentations.

On the third day, the CIANJ delegation was again in Budapest, where the opportunities offered by the Hungarian Export Agency (HEPA) and the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) were presented.

Afterwards, the delegates visited the Parliament where István Jakab, Vice President of the Parliament, received the members of the Chambers.

After a full day of activities, the team needed some physical and mental refreshment, so the closing event was based on the theme of Teqball, a very interesting and unique sport; the participants were able to get up close and personal with the technical details and, last but not least, this stage of the event provided another excellent business alternative.

The special highlight of the last day was an unique meeting. The 20-person business delegation of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, a representative of the legislature of the New Jersey Senate also visited and meet Hungarian government officials, promoting the importance of business relations.

On the Hungarian side, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs participated independently in the high-level official meetings and its sub-organizations, the Hungarian Export Promotion Industry (HEPA) and the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), demonstrated separately as well. The business negotiations were constructive and concrete results were achieved in the protocol room of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs.

On behalf of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, Prof Dr Martin Zsarnoczky PhD President, The Commerce and Industry Association of NJPresident Anthony Russo, The Commerce and Industry Association of NJVice-president Kathleen Agudo Aladar Komjathy and New Jersey Senator Gordon M. Johnson told Minister Levente Magyar that they would like to return to Hungary as soon as possible, as the economic relations between the USA and Hungary show further development opportunities. All members of the US business delegation that arrived in Hungary stated that the revitalization of American-Hungarian economic relations is a real opportunity and their priority.

Last but not least: afternoon was concluded with a business forum organised jointly with the BKIK, where the leaders of BKIK, AmHunCham, AmCham and of course the CIANJ delegation participated in a round table discussion. The event was open to all those interested in some form of networking and partnership business opportunities – for them the forum provided an ideal space for full interaction and B2B networking after the presentation.

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