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Invitation – Central Europe Women in Business Summit 2019

Invitation – Central Europe Women in Business Summit 2019

An invitation arrived in the office of the AmHunCam NY: “Central Europe Women in Business Summit 2019” We are forwarding the invitation to the Members of AmHunCham NY and our readers.

The invitation:


Giving women a voice and platform is a powerful driver of economic growth and innovation.

The USA–Central Europe Women in Business Summit promises to be the largest and most important event of its kind focused on building transatlantic ties for women in business.

The Summit is supported by the honorary patronage of Central European countries, including Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia, as well as organizations across the United States committed to investing in opportunities for women in business.

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8:00 AM – 9AM | Check in & Registration + Networking Breakfast  (1 hour)

Check-in and join a diverse community of women from the USA + Central Europe for breakfast overlooking the Hudson from the penthouse of the Tribeca Rooftop.

9 AM – 9:15 AM | Welcome Remarks: Jennifer Clinton (Cultural Vistas) & Agata Golubiewska (Polish & American WE) (15min, 2 speakers)

9.15- 9.35 Countries government representatives (20 min, 2-3 speakers)

9.35- 9.55 Opening Keynote (20 min, 1 speaker)

10:10 AM – 10:25 AM | Briefing: The Climate for Women in Business: USA & Central Europe (15 min, 1-2 speakers) This session will provide a high-level overview of some of the emerging economic trends in both regions and challenges and opportunities for women in this transatlantic context.

10:25 AM – 11:25 AM | Plenary Session 1: Trade and Investment Opportunities Spotlight (1h, 6 panelists + 1 moderator) Representatives from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and the U.S. will highlight key opportunities for trade and investment in their countries.

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM| Plenary Session 2: Women’s Leadership in a Transatlantic Context (45min, max 5 panelists + moderator) This session highlights public and private sector CSR initiatives that support women in leadership roles and the bottom line impact these efforts have at the organizational, national and global levels.

12:15 – 12:55 PM | Lunch Break & Networking (40 min)

1:05 PM – 1:50 PM | Plenary Session 3: Finance and Investing to Start or Scale Your Business (45min, max 4 panelists + moderator) This session will highlight ways for business owners to access capital at home or abroad to start or scale their businesses.

1.05 PM – 1:50 PM I Breakout Session with Mentors- One-on-one meetings with women from the Leadership Panel

1:55 PM – 2:45 PM I Session 4: Leading SME Women Entrepreneurs  (45min, max 4 people + 1 moderator)

1.55 PM- 2.45 PM I Breakout Session: Trade & Investment- One-on-one meetings with countries representatives

2.50- 3.35 PM I Session 5: Startup Spotlight; Presenting Top Women led startups in the USA and Central Europe  (1h, 6 panelists + 1 moderator) Pitch session- everyone has 10 min with clock count. Hear stories and lessons from top women led startups who are growing their business in a global context.

3:35 PM– 4:10 PM | Closing Remarks

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