Home Business News Cloud Security: Challenges and Opportunities of Translatlantic IT Investmens

Cloud Security: Challenges and Opportunities of Translatlantic IT Investmens

Cloud Security: Challenges and Opportunities of Translatlantic IT Investmens

Invitation for “Cloud Security: Challenges and Opportunities of Translatlantic IT Investments and Operations” Wed, May 11, 2016 at 8:00 AM – New York, NY

Challenges and opportunities of transatlantic IT  investments and corporate operations

A discussion of major challenges and opportunities that define transatlantic business opportunities in the digital age, with focus on cloud security

Major changes are shaping the new, digital economy that affect foreign investments and the digital cross-fertilization of all regions and sectors. Giants of the digital economy like Facebook, Apple and Google are in battle with regulators  over privacy and information requests issues, regulators and international organizations like the OECD and the European Union itself are slowly but surely driving changes in the taxation system that will limit the use of one this major  investment promotion tools, while enterprises in both regulated and unregulated sectors develop, use and acquire more and more digital solutions. These changes are creating both challenges and opportunities for transatlantic business partnerships, for start-ups delivering new solutions for corporations, and for enterprises looking for solutions to increase business efficiency and expanding alike, while countries are working hard to support their economic competitiveness.

Central Europe is the fastest growing region in Europe, attracting more and more FDI into advanced manufacturing and the digital economy, while being an underutilized resource of innovation.

At this breakfast/workshop we focus on two major economic development enablers:  taxation and digital solution with special focus on cloud solutions. We discuss major trends with special attention to new regulatory trends and security.


World Trade Week event, presented by The Budapest Business Club in cooperation with the European American Chamber of Commerce

8:00-08:30 Breakfast/networking

08:30-08:45 Welcome and opening remarks

08:45-09:30 Panel 1: “Expanding into Europe”

  • Topic: Short presentation on and discussion of some key elements of the business environment in Hungary, with special attention to: general regulatory environment, taxation, subsidies and the practice. This section gives opportunity for the audience to learn more about Central-Europe as FDI destination. Our aim: to draw attention to the stability of the investment environment and the range of promotion tools.
  • Panel:  1)  Mr. Robert Esik (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency), 2) Ms. Sheila Welch (Morgan Stanley), 3) Mr. Paul Toldalagi (BTA-Advisors), 4) Mr. Miklós Sánta (Ernst and Young),
  • Moderator: Christopher Ball (Quinnipiac University)

Coffee break: 15 min.

09:45-10:30 Panel 2: ‘Security in the Cloud: New enterprise solutions  on the rise and under scrutiny’

  • Topic: Market  access experts and companies that  ‘made it here’ are having a discussion on market access practices and challenges with special focus on entering the enterprise software space where privacy, cyber security issues are crucial in both regulated and unregulated sectors.
  • Participants: 1) Mr. Gabor Garai (Foley and Lardner LLP), 2) Mr. Ferenc  Sipos (Balabit), 3) Benedek Kiss (Attrecto)
  • Moderator: Ms. Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild ( European-American Chamber of Commerce)


When Wednesday, May 11, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM (EDT) – Add to Calendar Where Consulate General of Hungary – 223 East 52nd Street Bartók Hall, New York, NY 10022 – View Map


Source: Consulate General of Hungary

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