BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY brand new, patented, Innovative Healthcare products in the U.S.

One member of the AmHunCham has a business offer: patented, Innovative Healthcare products in the U.S.

Logical Health 21 LLC – New Jersey

Our company is now creating its footprint in the U.S. and looking for sales representatives, resellers, and retails stores.

Our products are in high demand! They provide a solution to problems that until now, there were almost no other products to make this possible.

The United States is one of the first countries in the world to introduce these products and make it available to everyone at an affordable price – under $30!

Resellers and Retails Stores receive products at wholesale price. City exclusivity is guaranteed.

Sales Representatives will solicit business on our behalf in a specified territory and receive commission on each products sold. Area exclusivity is guaranteed.

What we provide:

– Steady and continuous supply of goods

– Training on the products

– Sales training & tips

– Marketing materials

– Fair profit margin

– Promotional support and resources

Incarvexx® – The world’s first antiseptic nasal spray with molecular organic iodine that prevents airborne viruses from entering the body.

Essential Iodine Drops – The only pure elemental iodine supplement in the world.

Iodine-V® The world’s first fulvic acid based water-soluble organic iodine product.

Essential Iron drops – Organic and water-soluble Fe²+ form (Ferrous) Chromium drops – Recommended for people with diabetes, and triglyceride levels Mineral tests – Our home test kits are developed to identify whether the body’s minerals level, is under, over or suggested level.

….and more

Logical Health 21 LLC – New Jersey

“ Where nature meets science ”