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The basic tool of modern surgery is automated CT segmentation

The basic tool of modern surgery is automated CT segmentation

The CENTIPEDE LABS offer: The basic tool of modern surgery is automated CT segmentation.

Since doctors need to create 3D surgical plans from CT records  before operations, the CT quality is important. Most patients have  an implant or tooth fill, resulting low quality CTs with metal  artifact noise. 3D reconstruction of  

low-quality CT images requires several hours of manual work,  which significantly increases the time and cost of the surgery. 


Our competitors are using only semi-automated solutions for CT  segmentations instead of ours, that is fully automated. Our two  main competitors are Materalise and 3DSystems. 

Business Model

  1. SaaS: A web service that is a web based self service platform, which is capable to accept the users’ noisy low quality CT records, and it gives the opportunity for them to download the anatomical 3D models. (planned pricing: € 50-80 / model or CT record)
  2. License: Our solution could be integrated into the CT manufacturer system or other hospital or clinics systems. We can provide our self-service web platform to give full access to the customer (planned pricing: € 30000 Euro/year for 10 users)

The core functionality of our product provides a revolutionary solution to improve noisy and low-quality CTs with automated processing. The solution reduces manual work by 90% and 3D reconstruction (production) costs are also ten times cheaper.

Competitive advantage
Thanks to our automated solution, we significantly reduce manual work for the medical industry by accelerating the process of surgical planning and saving costs for companies. We are supplying a healthier dental treatment as using our software makes the process unnecessary to repeat, therefore protects the patients from additional radius loading. Furthermore, the software is compatible to all host CT software, providing prompt.

The automated algorithm has been successfully tested by oral surgeons. Centipede Labs Ltd. has become a self-sustaining company. We are in close collaboration with different domestic professionals.

Our partners are the following:
University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dentalklinik & Laserklinik,
PannonPharma Ltd., Széchenyi István University, Győr Petz Aladár County Educational Hospital.

Use of funds 

We would like to use our funds based on a 12 months plan.

  • CE certification – 30 % 
  • Business development – 40 %
  • Technologyi development – 20 %
  • Other costs – 10 % 

Exit strategy 

We are planning an exit after the CE  certification and our target market is the  CT manufacturer companies. 

Contact information 

Gábor Dorogi 

E-mail: gd@centipede-labs.com Phone: +36 70 555 4840 









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