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MindTitude™ – market research method

MindTitude™ – market research method

Prime Solutions, the Hungarian company that specialized in IT solutions, QR Code Solutions™ technology, and mobile marketing platform is looking for business partners to market their MindTitudemarket research method.

MindTitude™ method takes into account the needs of today’s people and combines them with the latest technology. With the spread of the Internet and smart devices, mobility and virtuality have become a major part of our daily lives.

The time taken to obtain information was shortened. With the rapid development of mobile technology, user needs have also changed. These are the needs and expectations we’ve taken into account when created MindTitude™.

Why MindTitude™?

  •  MindTitude™ is a unique market research software that enables attitude and motivation research.  Motives and attitudes are deeply hidden formations affected by various emotional elements that are difficult to identify or quantify. The MindTitude™ market research system is based on the multi-dimensional attitude scale of Charles  E. Osgood, and the methodology and know-how of Dr. Attila Forgács.  MindTitude™, the market research method itself, is a proprietary development. With this software, you can measure feelings and thoughts. It is an emotional detector or compass.
  • MindTitude ™ is capable of multidimensional attitude research,  i.e. examining people’s responses at affective (emotional), cognitive and conative (behavioral) levels, comparing different dimensions, and showing causal relationships. For example, the software can reveal the strengths, weaknesses of the competitor as well as the brand/product being tested compared to its competitor; the potential market opportunities for the brand under investigation, or the reasons for the expected decline.

What are the Strengths of  MindTitude™? 

  • Innovative, cloud-based, secure technology.
  • 100% compatible with all devices that are capable of browsing the  Internet.
  • Mobile optimized.
  • It is easy to export and edit research results, chart reports in multiple formats.
  • 3 dimensional quantitative SWOT- analysis.
  • Prospective-longitudinal monitoring  (attitude dynamic).

General features

  • FAST (real-time filling and data  processing, max. 3-5 min. fill time) 
  • DEEP(3-dimensional research) 
  • EASY TO USE(supported with  visuals and interpretation guide) 

Areas of use  

Details: www.mindtitude.com




H- 1112 Budapest, Lanka 23.

 bb@mindtitude.com   +36 30 2 999 111

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