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American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce supports Women’s Economic Empowerment


March 8th is International Women’s Day, which was established to fight for women’s rights worldwide. 

Today, only 6.6% of Fortune 500 companies have women as their CEOs. 40% of people believe there is a double standard against women, and only 23% of C-suites are made up of women. Women’s empowerment and advancement matter to corporate success: Companies with diverse leadership are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. 

They are 70% more likely to capture new markets. Leadership teams are 87% better at making decisions, and companies with diverse leadership enjoy 19% higher revenue. Building on the Biden-Harris Administration’s National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality to advance the full participation of all people – including women and girls – in the United States and around the world, Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo announced an initiative promoting the role of women in international business and trade called EMPOWER HER. On behalf of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce Prof Dr Martin Zsarnoczky PhD President was signing a DECLARATION and recognize EMPOWER HER as a first step for a better future in the following areas: #COMMITTING #INVESTING #PROMOTING #IDENTIFYING #ADVOCATING #SHARING #SUPPORTING The American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce is proud to take a huge effort for gender equality and diversity all around the world.

All our colleagues at AmHunCham, including all our members, are recognizing the contribution of women around the world and the importance of an equal and equitable environment for women to thrive as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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